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PF3 - ATC at its BEST    The all NEW standalone ATC program from OnCourse Software, compatible with FS9/FSX/P3D/MSFS is available NOW !!



PF3 - ATC at its best - Frequently Asked Questions ?

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Q36: RemoteText is running but I can no longer see it on my monitor.

A: This can happen if you previously ran RemoteText on another monitor which is no longer connected, so basically RemoteText is displayed off-screen. To reset this you need to do one of two things. (a) Reconnect your other monitor, restart RemoteText and then reposition it back on your main monitor or (b) Edit the Registry, if this is something you are confident in doing. The settings will be found under:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\RemoteText\frmMain

Once you've navigated to the correct location you will see 2 entries, one named Default and the other LastSavedState. Simply delete the LastSavedState value... you will need to confirm the warning message.

That's it. Next time you start RemoteText it will appear in the centre of your main monitor, from where you can reposition it to your liking.


Q35: When using MSFS and PF3's Auto Pause to pause the FS xx miles from the runway, etc., how do you 'un-pause' the sim?

A: PF3 uses the 'Set Pause ON' facility so you need to bind keys or buttons from within MSFS Controls to take advantage of this feature when using MSFS. Look for 'Set Pause ON' and 'Set Pause Off'. Unfortunately you can't configure a toggle key in MSFS for this pause mode.

Q34: Doesn't matter what setting I try I just can't get the PF3 in-sim Captions window to display

A: Please delete the Display.INI file from your main PF3 folder


Q33: PF3 doesn't seem to be running. I can see it on the taskbar but there's no menu screen.

A: It would seem you have managed to somehow move PF3 off-screen. Here's how to get it back. Hold your Shift key down and Right-click on the PF3 taskbar icon, then select 'Move' from the popup menu. Release the Shift key and use one of your keyboard Arrow keys. Now move your mouse and PF3 should appear on screen again.


Q32: Something went wrong and PF3 crashed... now I still have the In-Sim ACARS and Captions windows showing on screen. How can I get rid of them.

A: Just re-start PF3 and the windows will be closed.


Q31: When using P3D with Closed Captions 'ON' and an ATC message comes through, P3D will jump to the foreground as the active window, even though you may be using another program at the time.

A: This is probably due to you using the default P3D message window to display captions. If you used our In-Sim Captions window or the RemoteText utility (if you have a second monitor or PC) this shouldn't happen. Equally you could use the FSUIPC ADVDisplay window for captions.


Q30: My PF3 Display utility does not show any frequencies

A: Please check (a) you have a folder inside your main FS folder named PF3_Displayer and if not please create one. (b) If you see the PF3_Displayer folder please ensure it is not set as 'Read-Only'. The PF3 User Guide has full details about this and where to find the correct location for MSFS users.


Q29: I'm using FS2020 and don't hear any radio frequencies in 8.33Khx format. Why?

A: Currently, as of version 3.10, PF3 doesn't support 8.33 format radio frequencies. However, we plan to introduce them in our next release (3.11). At that point we will be offering the option to use either the new 8.33Khz format or the old 25Khz format. The later will obviously be favored by those using hardware radios that do not support 8.33.


Q28: Just lately my co-pilot and ATC voices sound ok to start with but then the voice volumes get very soft and almost inaudible.

A: This is possibly Windows thinking that the ATC voices are some sort of telephony. A possible solution is to right-click on the speaker icon in the tray, click on Sounds, select the "Communications" tab and change "When Windows detects communications activity:" from "Reduce the volume ..." to "Do nothing".

Q27: I'm not getting any sound from PF3 at all. The ATC text is displayed but no sound!

A: You're missing DirectX for Managed Code runtimes... you can download and install from HERE

Q26: The PF3_Display utility simply doesn't run... I don't see anything.

A: Please download and install the PF3 runtimes on the machine you're trying to use PF3 Display from HERE

Q25: I heard a controller and AI pilot using the same voice set. Surely this is a bug?

A: No, it's not a bug. Although PF3 provides you with 119 voices sets they are split into 26 geographic regions. Some regions may only have a couple of voice sets available. To try and avoid this problem we use certain back-up voice sets for each region, but even then we could run out of unused voices. An easy way to avoid this problem occurring is to use PF3's Adjust Regional Voice Sets Used to add additional back-up voice sets to the area you experienced the problem.

Q24: When I try to use the options to change colours on Remote Radio & Remote text I get the following error. "Error: Active X component can't create object in Remote Text Options"

A: Please download and install the PF3 runtimes on the machine you're trying to use RemoteText/RemoteRadio from HERE

Q23: I was watching AI traffic and noticed an aircraft taking off before ATC gave it instructions to do so.

A: Well there are a couple of points to make here. Firstly, PF3 does NOT control AI traffic, FS does that. Yes we can stop/start AI aircraft, even change their heading to a degree (excuse the pun), amongst other things, but we don't actually control AI traffic. Secondly, to take more control of AI traffic would mean diverting processing away from PF3's many other tasks, so it's really a question of balance. The third and final point is this, due to the fact that PF3 is not in total control of AI traffic we have to react after the event. When PF3 detects an aircraft is taking of we give the command from ATC to make it look like we're in control. It's all a matter of timing. Sometimes it will look good, other times it won't. If you want to spend your time just watching AI traffic and listening to ATC then PF3 is not the program you need and you might just as well listen to the default ATC.

Q22: I'm using P3D and I don't see the kneeboard display with the departure airport ATC frequencies

A: That function is not available when using P3D, as it uses a different method for displaying its kneeboard which is not accessible at this time by PF3

Q21: I'm using P3D and I can't get the ACARS system to work at all.

A: That function is not available when using P3D, as it uses a different method for displaying its kneeboard which is not accessible at this time by PF3

Q20: I'm using RemoteText... it 'connects' to PF3 but I do not see any text on the display at all

A: This was an omission from the user guide. To see any text you must have the 'Closed Caption' option set to ON in the PF3 main options.

Q19: I'm trying to run the new TGS Display program but nothing happens.

A: If you're trying to run TGS Display on a system where you do not have PF3 installed you may well be missing an important runtime file. Please download the TGS Display Setup program from HERE then unzip and run it on the machine you wish to use TGS Display.

Q18: I've setup the RemoteText program correctly, with the IP address pointing to the pc where PF3 is running, but it still doesn't work and just displays the message 'waiting to connect....'

A: This was an omission from the latest user guide. Please open your PF3.INI file from the main PF3 folder and scroll down (near to the end) where you will find a section named [RemoteText]. The first entry in that section is RTActive=0 which you need to change to RTActive=1

Q17: I saw a message about waypoints being too close. How do I know how close they are?

A: If you go to the 'adjust waypoint altitudes' page and hover your mouse over any waypoint it will show you the distance from your departure and destination. You can use this information, together with some simple maths, to determine the distance between waypoints

Q16: Few seconds after starting PF3 it locks up and doesn't respond to anything, i have to close it via task manager.

A: (1) Go to the main PF3 folder (2) Open the PF3.ini file (3) Look for AutoUpdates=1 and change it to AutoUpdates=0  (4) Save the file.

Q15 : PF3 has started to lock up on me and/or it takes an unusually long time to respond.

A: If you are using multiple security protection program try disabling the default Windows Firewall. If that doesn't work try disabling the others one by one, simply as process of elimination. Whatever system you use you must ensure that the PF3.exe and Updates.exe programs have access to the internet, which is required for the auto updates feature to work.

Q14: Can PF3 be used on a networked pc?

A: Yes it can by using Pete Dowson's WideFS utility... available HERE. When using PF3 on a networked PC please remember to use the client's keyboard when making any changes to PF3's options but use the main FS keyboard to communicate with ATC once PF3 is connected to FS during your flight

Q13: I sometimes get a warning that waypoints are too close together. What does this mean and what should I do?

A: This is simply a cautionary message and you don't actually have to do anything. PF3 is simply telling you that one or more waypoints are very close to each other of your departure/destination airport. This will usually be okay and PF3 will handle the situation correctly. However, if you do have problems with the flight it could well be due to the close proximity of these flagged waypoints. In which case it would be wise to perhaps change the flight plan accordingly before taking your next flight.

Q12: I need to DeActivate my PF3 licence so that I can activate it on another machine, but I don't have internet connection on my current PF3 PC. What can I do?

A: Whilst we are able to offer Offline Activation there is no such process available to accommodate Offline DeActivation. The only way to DeActivate a PF3 license is via an internet connection.

Q11: Why do I hear ATC calling the aircraft make rather than the actual airline call sign?

A: Please check under the Technical Tab in FSUIPC (or look under the GENERAL section the FSUIPC.INI file) and set the TCASid  entry to FLIGHT. Programs such as AIBlast and FSHotSeat appear to change these settings which make them incompatible with PF3

Q10: I tune to ATIS but all I hear is static noise... what's wrong?

A: One user found that this only occurred when using a particular aircraft. Try the same frequency using another aircraft and if that does not help please email support at pf3@oncourse-software.co.uk

Q9: When running Spyware Terminator it identifies and removes a file named SCLabel.ocx. After that PF3 will not run!

A: Do NOT remove this file. It is NOT Spyware and is an ActiveX control for displaying most of the text that appears on PF3 screens. Without it PF3 will NOT run! You can configure Spyware Terminator to ignore it rather than remove it. If you have removed it you will need to reinstall PF3.

Q8: Why isn't there a Voice Pack Expansion Pack available for PF3.

A: PF3 comes complete with all available voice packs, there are no more. The voice pack you mention is already included in PF3.

Q7: I'm using Co-pilot Mode 2 but PF3 doesn't detect when I get near to the active and so doesn't tell me to switch to the Tower.

A: PF3 waits for you to be within 700' feet of the active runway before issuing a 'Contact Tower on...' command. If you happen to be taking off from a position other than the end of the active runway you may well be more than 700' away from that detection point. Should this be the case you would need to manually switch to the Tower frequency, then use Hotkey 6 to contact Tower and request takeoff clearance.

Q6: PF3 ATC routed me to fly right into a mountain.

A: In such hazardous areas it is vitally important to create a good flight plan to ensure PF3 delivers safe approach vectoring. PF3 is not aware of mountains or obstacles on your approach route so you, as the pilot, need to ensure you plan your flights correctly. Remember also that YOU are the Captain in charge and if, during approach vectoring, you consider ATC to be issuing a bad and dangerous turn you should ignore it and use the #1 hotkey to request a 'Cleared to Final Approach'

Q5: I never got handed over to any Centre facilities during my flight.

A: PF3 determines which control centres to hand you over to dependant on the altitude you are currently flying. If you don't reach a centre's specified altitude you will remain under the control of a Departure or Approach controller.

Q4: PF3 is working and I can hear the controllers talking to me but I can't hear the pilot's voice.

A: Check the PTT option in under Options #1 and ensure it is unchecked

Q3: I'm using ActiveSky ATC vectors me to land VFR on runway 21. At the same time all AI were landing and departing runway 03, the opposite end. Why?

A: This can happen when using an external weather programs such as ActiveSky. PF3 ATC reads the weather and chooses the correct runway, but ASV6 may update the weather forcing a change of the active runway. FS9/FSX ATC will change the active runway, but PF3 has already made its choice, hence the incursion. To avoid this, it is necessary to use the "suppression" options according to the type of flight/aircraft. Using the New Route and Navigation Log will be helpful too.

Please see your ActiveSky manual for details and how to use these powerful features, it is usually located (Windows XP) at:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Modules\ASv6\User Guide

If one chooses not to take these extra steps in ActiveSky, then using the default FS9/FSX real weather instead of ActiveSky will prevent this issue from happening while using PF ATC.

Q2: The approach to my destination was rubbish. I was far to high when cleared for the approach!

A: Adjust you flight plan descent profile during compilation. Remember, your flight will only be as good as your flight planning, just as in the real world.

Q1: After PF3 had a problem and crashed my Regional Settings appear to be wrong and numbers are not being displayed correctly?

A: Restart PF3 then immediately close it using the Exit button - That should reset your numeric regional settings to their original state.


Product Features

 Latest Releases

13th December 2020

PF3 version 3.10.0


Latest Major (Free) update for our ATC program. PF3 - ATC at its best, for use with FS9/FSX/P3D and MSFS. Use it alongside FDC for the ultimate flight experience.


12th April 2010

FDC version 3.14


Now in its 16th year!  Use it alongside PF3 for the ultimate flight experience .