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PF3 - ATC at its BEST    The all NEW standalone ATC program from OnCourse Software, compatible with FS9/FSX/P3D/MSFS is available NOW !!



PF3 - What's NEW ?

What's NEW in PF3 - ATC at its best                               

A brief summary of what you can expect...

  • PF3 is a MAJOR rewrite
  • PF3 works with FS9, FSX (including Steam edition), P3D and MSFS FS2020
  • PF3 is a NEW Standalone program and does NOT require/use anything to do with Proflight 2000
  • PF3 comes complete with 119 voice sets covering 26 geographic regions in the PF3 world
  • PF3 will monitor AI aircraft on the ground as you taxi to/from the runway to ensure there are no conflicts
  • PF3 provides automatic taxi speed control to assist you in maintaining a steady taxi speed
  • PF3 offers a simple point-and-click on any flight plan... then fly! (no more compiling ADV files)
  • PF3 comes with additional ATIS voice sets
  • PF3 comes complete with its own unique radio enhancement voice packs (previously sold separately)
  • PF3 allows you to configure Control Center hand-off altitudes for each of its geographic regions
  • PF3 does not alter your original flight plan in anyway (no more missing or duplicated waypoints)
  • PF3 is configurable for use with most voice recognition programs
  • PF3 enables you to add any ATC frequency that may be missing from FS (for PF3's own use only)
  • PF3 can be configured to use either COM1 or COM2 radios
  • PF3 offers the use of configurable flight profiles
  • PF3's ATC control zone boundaries have been completely revamped, providing more accurate handoffs
  • PF3 comes complete with a validation program to thoroughly check your installation
  • PF3 supports alternate airports, which you can divert to for whatever reason
  • PF3 offers much improved emergency situations and diverting to the nearest suitable airport
  • PF3 comes complete with 40+ application skins to give the program the look and feel you prefer
  • PF3's SID/STAR names have been changed to allow up to 7 characters in length (changed from a max of 5)
  • PF3's Hold procedures have been completely rewritten and brought up to date.
  • PF3's SID/STAR functionality has been extended to allow even more flexibility
  • PF3 comes complete with our FREE PF3_Display utility (for displaying in-flight frequencies/hotkey usage)
  • PF3 comes complete with our FREE Remote-Text utility (to replace the default FS message window)
  • PF3 comes complete with our FREE Remote-Radio-Stack utility for displaying/changing radio frequencies
  • PF3 supports Project Magenta's Boeing type MCP (probably others too, but not tested as yet)

** Please note: We have only conducted minimal testing with P3D but have had no issues at all. In reality PF3 doesn't really care what flight simulator you are using, thanks to the expertise of one Peter Dowson and his amazing FSUIPC interface.


Plus all the relevant features from legacy versions...

  • Supports multiple flight planners
  • Active AI detection (both air and ground traffic) during takeoff and approach
  • Transition levels can change dependant on your geographic location
  • Configurable Transition Altitudes for each of the 26 PF3 geographic regions
  • Altimeter calls can also be made in Millibars as 1013 rather than 29.92
  • Improved approach vectoring to provide smooth, realistic approaches to all destinations
  • SID (DP) and STAR support
  • Departure procedures (SIDs/DPs) are configurable and can be named which is then read out by ATC
  • Add departure procedures (SIDs/DPs) to specific airports at runway level if required
  • Arrival procedures (STARs) are configurable and can be named which is then read out by ATC
  • Add arrival procedures to specific airports at runway level if required
  • Add missed approach altitudes to specific airports at runway level if required
  • Change your assigned departure runway if you wish
  • Step climbs and step descents
  • Configurable holds
  • Ability to request higher and lower altitudes
  • Ability to request visual approach
  • Ability to request a different arrival runway
  • Active runways (departure and arrival) determined either by AI (if in use) or wind direction
  • Departure runway length taken into consideration
  • Arrival runway length and ILS equipment taken into consideration
  • ATC handles missed approaches and vectors you back into the pattern
  • Supports controlled, uncontrolled or partially controlled airports/fields
  • Emergencies supported with vectors back to your departure airport or the nearest airport
  • Configurable Airway Deviation reminders
  • Configurable AI detection during takeoff
  • Configurable Hotkey assignments
  • Automatic updates feature
  • Database refresh utility to apply any add-on scenery data to PF3's database
  • AI Traffic advisories en-route
  • Integrated ATIS for all of the 1200+ equipped airports in FS9/FSX/P3D
  • You can hear the full airport name announced in PF3's ATIS for all ATIS equipped FS9/FSX/P3D airports
  • AI Traffic call signs which are not available in PF3 are substituted by the airlines ICAO code
  • Full taxi instructions to/from the runway. i.e. ATC instructs you to.... "taxi to gate 27 via taxiway delta, bravo two, alpha one, charlie three" 
  • Taxi Guidance System (TGS) which includes a new (optional) panel gauge and a TGS display utility. The new gauge (or standalone program) points to the next taxi waypoint, displays a series of LED's to indicate the distance to the next taxi waypoint.

  • TGS includes AUDIBLE instructions from your VCP telling you... "next left into delta.... bear right into bravo two... straight on... gate 27 on the right"

  • PF3 provides Oceanic Procedures when flying to/from the US (over the pond) and between Gander/Shanwick controlled areas. This includes simulated HF radio transmissions using real world SELCAL sounds when ATC contact you. Your VCP will also radio through position reports at each intersection

  • PF3 provides a facility where you can configure any flight plan for Oceanic Procedures.

  • PF3 supports 'Push and Start' request options

  • PF3 offers a Closed Caption mode to display all ATC commands on your FS message window

  • PF3 allows you to designate any runway for landings only, takeoffs only, both or even close it completely

  • PF3 automatically provides full interactive support for those using PF3 and FDC alongside each other

  • Plus much, much more....


A closer look at some of the new additions

For full details on these and all other aspects of PF3 please see the new user guide right HERE



Product Features

 Latest Releases

13th December 2020

PF3 version 3.10.0


Latest Major (Free) update for our ATC program. PF3 - ATC at its best, for use with FS9/FSX/P3D and MSFS. Use it alongside FDC for the ultimate flight experience.


12th April 2010

FDC version 3.14


Now in its 16th year!  Use it alongside PF3 for the ultimate flight experience .