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What is it?

ProFlight 2000 Emulator (PFE) provides you with the means to use one of the all time favourite Flight Simulator ATC programs with FS2004 or FSX. Namely ProFlight 2000.

Yes, that's right, despite the fact that neither of these versions of Flight Simulator support Adventures PFE runs as a standalone program alongside these newer editions of Flight Simulator to emulate the adventure engine.

How does it achieve this?

Using our own bespoke APLC32 compiler PFE produces an almost identical flight for you as you would have experienced using ProFlight 2000 in FS2000. We say almost identical because during the development of PFE we did discover (and fix) a few bugs in the way ProFlight 2000 handled various flight scenarios. We also added a lot of new and exciting features plus devoted a lot of time on the approach vectoring functionality... but more on these new features later.

Written in Visual Basic and VB.NET PFE does not actually produce flight simulator adventures. It does, however, utilise the flight plan data produced by ProFlight 2000 and of course those much loved 40+ regional voice sets.

Going forward we plan to add even more new features to enhance your enjoyment of ProFlight 2000 further.

PFE is available in two Editions. PFE Standard Edition and PFE Deluxe Edition.

PFE Standard Edition provides everything you need to enjoy ProFlight 2000 but without an actual copy of the ProFlight program. So to use PFE you must already have an original copy of ProFlight 2000. Prior to purchasing PFE Standard Edition it would be advisable to check you can (a) find your copy of ProFlight 2000 and (b) that the CD is still in good condition and can be installed. If not you will need to purchase the Deluxe Edition of PFE.

PFE Deluxe includes everything you need to enjoy ProFlight 2000 including a full working copy of the original ProFlight 2000 program (licensed to us for distribution with PFE by the original publisher and developers of ProFlight). Installation of the PFE Deluxe Edition is much easier too as it is just a one step installation process whereas PFE Standard Edition requires a three stage process.

In summary:-

To use PFE Standard Edition you must have an original copy of ProFlight 2000, which must be installed correctly as described in the Installation section of the User Guide.

To use PFE Deluxe Edition you have everything you need in one easy installation pack.

As mentioned earlier PFE basically uses the flight plan data generated by ProFlight 2000 and the original localised voice sets too. For you, dear user, it will be just like running a ProFlight 2000 adventure but with the most recent Flight Simulator version.


Product Features

 Latest Releases

19th April 2014

PFE version 2.15


Now in it's 9th year! Use it alongside FDC for the ultimate flight experience.


12th April 2010

FDC version 3.14


Now in its 14th year!  Use it alongside PFE for the ultimate flight experience .


21st March 2010

The launch of our new website